Friday, December 9, 2011

Craft Room: The Grand Reveal!!!

Hi there everybody!  I told you I would do it, and I did.  How's that for awesomeness!?!  As I was taking pictures, I decided that I would show you a few pictures of the room today, and on Monday I will have a detailed post about everything I did, where I got it, etc. etc. etc.  Otherwise, this post could be SUPER picture heavy and long.  And who really has time to read a long post anyway?
If you missed the before posts, check out here and here.

 When you walk in the doorway, this is what you see!  Isn't she so pretty!
Desk/Work Space, Sewing Table and Chair, Shelf and Wall Art!
(Gone are all the shelving units and globe lights!  The shelving was eating the space away!)

A view of the door and small window and new curtains.

A closer look at the shelf (I'll show you each item next week, don't worry!)

A close up of my wall art.  I absolutely love it!

My craft cabinet, sitting next to/behind the door

An inside look of my craft cabinet.

 Here's a look at the 'other,' corner of my craft room.  My sewing table and sewing machine (Bernina 1008--love her!) and shelves for extra fabric/stuff I'm working on (or supposed to be working on).  The pink and brown tote is my paper stash.

Sorry for the squished-ness of some of the pictures.  This room is only about 8.5 ft by 7.5 ft, so it's tricky to photograph.  I love having a small room though, it's easier to keep clean.  I have plenty of other house space to spread out in for large cutting projects and such, but this room is just right for everything else.

Thanks for reading, and come back Monday if you'd like some more details.  If you have any specific questions, let me know in the comments and I will address them in the next post!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Sewing Room Sneak Peeks!

Alright, I've been saying for weeks that I'm going to show you my finished craft room.   Well today, I finally found the cord for the camera to connect it to the computer (it was sitting on the computer desk right in front of me all along.  Who knew that the charging cord for the wall would be gray and the computer cord would be black...I thought they all matched!  Tricky husband's camera!).  So, today I will once again show you a classic before, and a couple afters of the basics of the room.  Then today, I will tidy up the room, stage it for pictures, and snap a couple.  Maybe if I'm good I'll get the rest of it up by tomorrow!  Now wouldn't that be productive of me?
Enough words.  Let's show you some pictures.

 Here's one of those classic before pictures.  I think this picture is worth all my words. :)
Another Before Shot

New Flooring. Less than $80 at Lowe's with Labor Day Sale and Change of Address Coupon from the post office. (And we did the entry way right outside this room with some of the flooring as well).
Primer $17,
wall paint (free=came with the house and didn't really match anything)
trim $30 and paint $15 for trim and door. 
(We did re-texture because of some funky things going on, but I'm leaving out those costs because they aren't typical issues for other people).  We also scraped off the cottage cheese ceiling and re-textured and painted that the same color as the walls.
Switch covers and outlet covers $6.
And lighting.  Those globe lights just weren't doing it for me.  They made the room incredibly dark, and as a contacts wearer who loves to sew for hours on end, I needed a better solution.
Enter this.

Utilitech 48" 2-Light Utility Fluorescent Wrap Light from Lowe's.  We got it for less than $20 with a coupon.

Overall Cost= $168 for a brand new craft room.  And if you count the other costs, I would say it would have rolled in right about $200.  Everything else, as you'll see in my later post was done with things I already have or with minimal costs (like $5 or less).

So I was left with a brand new room, and had no idea what to do next!  Find out (hopefully) tomorrow what I did with the place!
Thanks for reading.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Favorite Things Friday: Hair Gel, Dustbuster, French Fry Slicer

Hi there friends!  I hope you are having a wonderful week, and that you have a great weekend.  I am always ready for weekends by the time they get here---and I don't even work! :)  Well...other than dishes, laundry, dishes, laundry, you know the drill! :)

Today, I decided I'd hop on for a minute and share a few of my latest favorite things I've been loving.
First off, I love good hair days.  And because I have curly hair, I have to have a good hair gel to have a good hair day.  That's where this good stuff comes in.  Wetline Xtreme Professional Styling Gel from Sally Beauty Supply. And it smells delicious.  Like apples.  It holds great, even enough for me to have a 2nd hair day every now and then, which is great in the wintertime.  Mine has a lime green lid, and for 3.99, I get about 6 months + use out of it.  And I use it nearly everyday! :) 
Recently, my husband and I put in a wood burning stove.  And when you're constantly reloading the stove with wood to stay toasty, it brings in crumbs.  Of wood.  And my large vacuum, Roger, got tired of getting out of the closet every time we made a mess.  Enter this little friend.  Black and Decker's 14.4V Dustbuster.  We got it for $40 from Bed Bath and Beyond, thanks to some gift cards from some friends. (Love that!)  Still need a name for this little guy.  Any suggestions? :)
Alright, here's possibly my favorite.  This thing is awesome.  French Fry Cutter.  Can I say, amazing?  Nearly every Sunday after church, my husband and I attack a few potatoes, toss them with salt and olive oil, and bake them in the oven for toasty, tasty fries.  Easy to clean, heavy duty, and easy to put away (on top of the fridge!).  This one was a tad pricy, but again, we used a gift card.  They make others that are not so commercial, but this one really is handy.
Well, there's my share for the week!  I hope to start back into blogging a bit more regularly.  Like once or twice a week, but we shall see what life brings! Have a fantastical day!
Thanks for reading, as always.
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